VarshaVan Rain flowers Refreshing Face wash

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Experience Bliss with our Moon lit Face wash that envelops the romance of Dainty Blossoms of Night Blooming Jasmine and Lavender that cares the skin with Love and reverence.
Experience Tenderness like the Dew of the Rain Flowers that Bloom in the Opulent Showers đź’§ .


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​Welcome to Varshavan, a pure skincare collection that is botanical and plant based, derived from the splendid Rain Forest Harvests for a more beautiful ‘You’.​ Today, we take pride in welcoming you to an unparalleled experience with our ‘Rain Flowers Luxurious Face Wash’, which is indeed a Mineral Wash, formulated with the goodness of the Forests and the Earth and yes, its precious mineral Mica.

Used by the best of Organic & International Color Cosmetic and Skincare Brands, this safe ingredient sure is a boon in your daily skincare regime. The word “Mica” is actually thought to be derived from the Latin word “Micare,” meaning “to glitter, ” and yes that is exactly one of it’s function, to add luminosity and illumination to skin, apart from being the secret healer that it is. Mica minerals naturally occur in the earth and are crushed into a fine powder for use in beauty products. In addition to the natural-looking glow that these minerals provide, they’re also a great choice for women with sensitive skin. Mica is non-irritating and may also help calm already irritated skin.

One of the biggest issues with many beauty products is that they contain a variety of chemical ingredients that are not only difficult to pronounce, but bad for your skin health as well. These chemical ingredients are often the cause of redness, swelling, and irritation, and mica minerals do away with these ingredients and the irritation and discomfort they may cause.

Mineral-based ​skincare is typically free of ingredients that may play a role in breakouts and acne, including waterproof polymers and a variety of binding agents. You also won’t have to worry about clogged pores​ anymore.

Mica minerals may also help support healthier-looking skin overall, according to Dunagan, Yates & Alison. Not only does the addition of these minerals in popular products reduce the sensitivity of skin because of the lack of harmful chemical ingredients, Mica minerals also provide a ​subtle level of protection from harmful sun rays. ​Wishing you a Blissful experience with Varshavan’s scintillating Rain Flowers Mineral Wash, just like a bouquet of wild blooms from the singing Forests.


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