Vana Green Tea Darjeeling Face Scrub

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Salt, Green Tea Powder, Sweet Almond Oil, Darjeeling Green Tea Extract


-It is Clarifying

-It is Rejuvenating

-It is Balancing

-It Adds Radiance

-It is Packed with Antioxidants

It Combats Wrinkles

-It Tightens the Skin

-It is Destressing

-It Restores the Skin

-It Reverses the Condition of Dull Skin

-It has Uplifting Properties

-It Contains Aromatherapy Benefits

~ VANA Face & Body Scrub is unique because ~

-It is 100% Natural

-It contains NO Detergent Lathers

-It contains NO Unnatural Preservatives

-It is SLS, SLES, Sulphate Free

-It is Parabens Free

-It contains NO Artificial Fragrances

~ Why is it Important to use a Face/Body Scrub? ~

A lot of us have neglected the importance of a Scrub and never use it frequently, and of course, many of us have complaints like, “Why is my skin so rough?”, “Why is my complexion so dull?” and the most common of all, “Why do I have so many blackheads?”.

A good skin care regime involves washing your skin daily and keeping it moisturized. However, these are just the basics. Using a Scrub will really take your skin to the next level. It will help the skin look and feel healthy, by getting rid of dirt and giving a much brighter and radiant complexion. The outer layer which is most exposed, goes through a lot of abuse. Regular use of a scrub helps remove dead skin and brings new skin to the surface. The new layer is smoother and better looking. The texture, tightness, and long-term health of your skin is defined by how you take care of it.

How to Use

The way to optimize the effect is to first wash the skin with a cleanser/wash. After this, you should apply the Scrub, onto wet skin. While applying, gently rub the the scrub in a circular motion. Do not apply too much pressure as this will damage the skin.

Applying it in this method will help remove the dead skin on the surface. It will also help get rid of blackheads and even out rough skin. For better results you may wish to opt for a steam. This will open up the pores and allow the ingredients to fully penetrate much deeper into the skin. Wash it off with warm water and apply your favorite


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