Thai Spa Coconut Natural Face Wash

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  • Parabens, Sulphate Free
  • Rejuvenating Experience
  • Being One with VANA, is being One with Nature.~ VANA Face Wash Benefits ~-It is Gentle yet Deep Cleansing-It Makes Skin Fair-It Improves Skin Color
  • -It has Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties-It Maintains the pH-It Contains Antioxidants-It Reverses Signs of Aging



Coconuts bring to mind beautiful sun kissed beaches, lush green Coconut trees and a picturesque environment for rejuvenation and SPA. VANA brings to you it’s Thai Spa Coconut Natural Face Wash, reminiscent of ancient beautifying and healing rituals of the Kingdom of Thailand.

The Thai have often been admired for their flawless and unique skin quality and merited is their skincare secret-

Thai Coconuts. Used lavishly, ceremoniously and with grandeur, the tradition still continues in the ethnic and SPA haven of this kingdom. Experience their wellness heritage, with VANA.

Researchers have found that Coconut skincare can minimize the aging of skin cells, balance PH levels, and keep the connective tissues strong and hydrated, imparting an impeccable texture. Your journey to wellness begins here.

Ma Earth Botanical Rose facial scrub Free with this face wash

The Story of VANA~
0% Chemicals | 0% Parabens | 0% Sulphates
~Wishing you Wellness, Today & Always~

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