VANA VIDHI Arabica Coffee and Caffeine Mousse Mask

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-It Cleanses Naturally

-It Reduces Eye Puffiness & Dark Circles

-It Injects Life into Dull Skin

It is Energizing

-It Reduces Signs of Fatigue

-It Aids in Optimal Functioning of Oil Glands

-It is Clarifying

-It Improves Skin Color

-It Naturally Exfoliates

-It is a Disinfectant

-It Gradually Makes Skin Fair

-It Diminishes Fine Lines

-It Reverses Signs of Aging

-It Lifts and Firms Skin

-It Refines Skin Pores

-It is Indulgent

-It Prevents Premature Aging

-It is Restorative

-It is Toning

-It Contains Aromatherapy Benefits

-It Stimulates the Body and Mind

-It Adds Glow

It Makes Skin Soft and Supple

-It is Recommended for Deep Detox

-It Reduces Pigmentation

~ VANA Face Mask is unique because ~

-It is PEG Free

It is Parabens Free

-It is Color Free


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