“BEAUTY IS BOLD. BEAUTY IS KIND. Beauty is self-expression and emotion, inner glow then outer glow”

ReverieBox was founded in 2016 with a mission of providing the safest and the highest of quality skincare to our favorite ladies. To us, that means NO animal testing, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, sulfates, and so much more. Our team of beauty experts are passionate for everything related to the world of cosmetics, beauty, skin and health care. Our beauty selections are carefully chosen through our Inspired Curation process. Helping you discover your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal,

We hold ourselves to high standards of skincare, so that you can call us your leading resource for cruelty free and safe beauty products. When you join REVERIEBOX, you are joining a community and movement of skincare, awareness and discovery.Our Brands rely on Safe ‘Powerful Ingredients’ to deliver results without Skin-and planet-harming ‘Villain Ingredients’. You are contributing to the nature in a positive way. You are supporting companies that are both conscious and of pure quality.

Here’s a toast to you—For being bold and being kind!!

With Love Team Reverie

Our Products

Our constant endeavor is to bring you the most magnificent and satisfactory products from the market, free from parabens and many other undesirable chemical. We bring you Components that don’t cause you any harm at all. Our especially dedicated teams of beauty enthusiasts are always involved with the most amazing boutique and luxury beauty-skincare brands. Cost-effective products that work wonderfully well; all the products in the beauty boxes have  been tried and tested. We buy our products only from Brands that are Cruelty Free and are sourced directly from our partners, not from a beauty liquidator.
We use only the freshest products from our suppliers. We know how important this is because our products use natural, and have active ingredients with no chemical preservatives.

Our Business

India has been home to fascinating crafts, opulent creatives, indigenous techniques of medicine and healing as well as beauty and skincare, all prepared from naturally existing materials. Our approach makes it possible for our team to regulate the beauty brands and their products, facilitating the plushest and grandest of experiences for you, every time. The online portal also acts as a supportive platform for the smaller emerging beauty brands to garner exposure.


ReverieBox is not a Free sample box, we are a healthy beauty discovery service. Our mission is to deliver beauty you can trust, to ensure that only the brands that are completely cruelty-free, Natural, GMO free and Eco-friendly* are promoted through our network. Beauty products that are free from chemicals such as Parabens and cause no amount of side-effects. Recyclable* and Biodegradable*, and has been created from Natural materials in a Eco-friendly and ecological manner, we’re always concerned for the earth’s well-being as well as your health, After all, If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything!!!

We’re obsessed with products that are absolutely safe for you and everybody else around you, at cost effective prices. At Reverie, we’re driven by our passion for high quality beauty products and delightful service, the likes of which leave a smile on all your faces. We acknowledge the fact that our members are health conscious-beauty enthusiasts, are always looking for great products that would work perfectly as per their specific beauty needs and tastes, but on the other hand hardly have time, access or resources to try out and experience from the massive array of cosmetics available in the market. Our seasoned team of beauticians and skin care experts also advise members on how to make the best use of these products and keep them abreast with the latest beauty and fashion trends and also insider know-how through our attractively engaging newsletters and magazine. We pride ourselves on our wide range of brands and products, exclusive free gifts with purchases and fantastic member rewards. With today’s hectic lifestyles and budget concerns, women don’t have the time or money to sort through the abundance of products in the market. Our monthly subscription package boxes are great for discovering the nontoxic beauty, eco lifestyle and wellness products at a great price.